Workplace Violence Test 

1. You can best protect yourself from workplace violence by:
2. Warning signs of escalating behavior are ...
3. How do you respond to a person who seems confused?
4. When a person is impatient, reactive and resists information, this could be a warning sign of frustration.
5. To respond to a person who is frustrated, it is best to keep them in a busy area so they could be distracted.
6. Signs of blame is when a person accuses others for an adverse event, or constantly fault others.
7. To respond to a person who verbally attacks others, it is important to:
8. An angry person shouts and screams and has threatening body language.
9. Responding to a person who is angry, requires a call to the police.
10. After an episode of violent behavior an incident report should be filed and given to your supervisor.
11. Good listening skills and staying calm during an incident is important for your safety.

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