Corporate Compliance Test 

1. Which of the following is an example of Medicare fraud?
2. When a client feels they have had excellent care from an employee, and they know the employee is having a hard time paying for their cell phone, it is acceptable for the client to provide a paid cell phone to the caregiver.
3. If a client wishes to provide a one-time gift of money, or other nomial gift, which of the following is the maximum amount a gift can be worth?
4. During a patient visit, if a client should give permission, what percentage of time is acceptable to make personal phone calls?
5. It is not considered fraud for a physician to be part of our company's referral rewards program.
6. Who is the corporate compliance officer of CareCo Medical, Inc.?
7. A normal discussion about a clients' condition in a public area, such as a parking lot of elevator, is a violation of the Privacy Rule.
8. Clinicians or office staff can discuss any healthcare information with anyone who calls inquring about a client.
9. The nursing care plan can be shown to anyone coming into the home.

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