Bloodborne Pathogens Test 

1. Latex or vinyl gloves hould always be worn when items that may have been exposed to blood or body fluids are handled.
2. Latex or vinyl gloves can be reused if they have not become contaminated.
3. When indicated, my employer will provide me with Personal Protective Equipment at no cost to me.
4. HIV, HBV and HCV are bacteria that are easily transmitted through blood, mucous membranes and unprotected sex.
5. Because we never know if a person is infected, we always practice standard precautions because blood and body fluids of all persons are considered to be potentially dangerous.
6. It is not necessary to wash hands after removing gloves, because your hands are still clean.
7. The first thing I should do if i get blood or any bodily fluids in my eyes is to call my supervisor.
8. If I am offered the Hepatitis B vaccine and decline it, I will be eligible to recieve it again.
9. The Hepatitis B vaccine will protect me from Hepatits C and AIDs.
10. TB is a contagious disease and one can become infected through prolonged contact with a person with infectious TB.
11. The best way to prevent cuts and sticks is to minimize contact with sharps.
12. Hand washing is the most effective way to prevent infection.

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