Basic Fire Safety Test 

1. More than 40,000 fires take place in the home annually.
2. Cooking accidents are the leading cause of fire related injuries in older americans.
3. The kitchen is the most common setting for electrical fires in the home.
4. Space heaters pose less of a fire risk if they have three (3) feeet of clearance around them.
5. Drying and aging construction materials pose a major hazard to older homes.
6. Kerosene heaters can be run on gasoline as long as the room has plenty of ventilation.
7. There should be at least one (1) smoke detector on each level of your patient's home.
8. It is a good idea to keep a portable fire entinguisher in the kitchen.
9. For best results, aim the fire extinguisher's nozzle directly into the flame.
10. Every family should have a written escape plan that shows two (2) ways out of your home.
11. Most fire related deaths in the home occur between 2 AM and 6 AM.
12. When you evacuate a patient, it is more importantly to walk quickly through a burning room than to take the time to crawl beneath the smoke and heat.
13. Since fire is fast, what you do in the first three (3) minutes is very critical to the protection of lives and property.
14. The meeting place outside for CareCo Medical, Inc. is outside the City Tire parking lot.
15. The fire extinguishers in the CareCo Medical, Inc. building are located in the supervisor's office and by the refridgerator downstairs.

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